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[ad]One of my favorite websites,, put up a list recently of the “14 gayest rap lyrics, ever“.

Now Cracked is pretty unforgiving when it comes to rappers (yes, its the same Cracked that used to be MAD’s ugly competition/step cousin) – just do a search for “rappers” on the site and behold the hilarious rubbing Cracked’s writers have heaped onto hip-hop and music in general.

My favorite on the list? It has to be Ice-T’s, “I got a bitch who’s a man” from the song “99 Problems” (See lyrics), which is just what a misunderstood, out of context rap lyric has to be: short, to the point, and absolutely full of contradictions. To be fair to him though, that song is all about his bitches…

If you haven’t done so already, check out the list


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