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Home » Rap News » 50 Cent Free Concert Plan Doesn't Go Down Well With Parents

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50 Cent Free Concert

According to the New York Post, 50 Cent is to planning on performing a free show near the Queens project where he grew up, as a kind gesture from the artist.

Parents from the surrounding community, however, are worried that things might get ugly. 50 performing in his old neighborhood is bound to stir up some emotions – most of all jealousy, and revenge – and suspect that there might be shootings or other violent crime.

Others, you can be sure, are choosing to stay away because of some absurd fear of 50 Cent’s lyrial content (which, we presume, their kids have already heard a 100 times on the internet).

Nevertheless, it could definitely turn ugly. Estimates indicate that over 10,000 people might show up for the free concert which would be a logistical and security nightmare for the local law enforcement agencies.

What do you say: should 50 forgo the concert out of concern for the safety of his audience, or should he move the concert elsewhere, or preferably, make it a paid concert to discourage trouble-makers (and keep the kids out)?

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