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This guy...

This guy...

So 50 is finally set to do what every rapper worth his salt is out doing these days: rescue hip hop from Soulja Boy.

...will totally beat the shit out of this guy

...will totally beat the shit out of this guy

First, there was Jay-Z, out saving hip hop from auto-tune self destruction. Now its fifty, doing the same. We quote:

“What I fell in love with initially ain’t even in the mutha—-in’ art form anymore. It’s cool because there’s an opportunity for me to become [that] to a whole new generation … because of their age group, they’re not aware of it”

Great. So what exactly is this “war angel” thing? Fifty’s got a beef with new age hip hop artists, who are either busy making ringtones (a.k.a., Soulja Boy), or selling designer shoes while sipping champagne (a.k.a., Kanye West).

Either way, serious rap fans are in for a treat. First there was Eminem with the excellent Relapse (see our review). Then there was Jay-Z ruffling some feathers with his “D.O.A. – Death of Auto Tune”, and now its fifty with “War Angel”. This should make for an awesome summer of hip hop.

Btw, MTV had an entire story about War Angel today. Click here to read it.


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