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Home » Rappers » Asher Roth is Actually Socially Aware. Seriously.

Asher Roth College Rapper

You know that kid – that Asher Roth kid – who sings about marijuana and pretty girls and is being hailed as the next big thing in rap?

Well, it turns out that Asher is actually not a simple minded stoner out to have a good time – he is actually pretty smart and socially aware.

That’s tragic news for all the potheads out there who were hoping for the rap version of Cheech and Chong, which would pretty much be the ultimate thing in cool. But good news for fans of good, socially conscious rap – you can be pretty sure that Asher will sooner or later drop his stoner image and come out with more intelligent and socially conscious stuff, a la Eminem (okay, okay, Eminem’s social awareness was limited to dissing his wife).

Here’s a nice article by Columbus Dispatch on Asher


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