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Home » Rap Music » Blast From the Past: Rappers' Delight

[ad]I’m not sure what age group/demographic the readers of this blog fall into (maybe I’ll put up a poll sometime), but from what I gather, it has to be people who are young (like me – I’m 21 btw), and many aren’t really aware of hip hop’s true roots.

So here’s a song from 1979 that is often credited as the first hip hop single. 90% of the chance is that you might have heard it before, but for the rest 10% of you, here is “Rapper’s Delight”:

This 1979 song by “Sugarhill Gang” was performed over Chic’s “Good Times” (see video below), and pretty much started the original hip hop movement (hats off to Sugarhill Gang for that). It reached #36 on U.S. pop charts, btw. Original vinyls of this song are major collector’s items among rappers and hip hop aficionados


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