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[ad]My worst dream/favorite nightmare has come true – bling, in its golden glory, if finally dead.

At least temporarily.

There have been several reports by the likes of Wall Street Journal and UK’s Guardian that the fading and tumbling economy has forced many a rappers to tone down their bling, and for those at the lower rungs, to forgo it altogether with cheap synthetic replacements.

While the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye are probably squirming and smirking, rappers without their millions are finding it hard to keep up with the expensive hip-hop lifestyle of extravagant parties, diamond bracelets and 5 ton gold chains.

Worse, many have now resorted to cheap QVC replicates. So your average rapper is now as blinged out and hip as the middle aged lady next door who always smells of cheese.

Yes, its a sad, sad day. But hopefully, when the economy picks up, so will rapper attendees at Tiffany’s.


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