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Bling Makes Rappers Rich

[ad]So what does Warren Buffet and Lil Wayne have in common?

Ans: They’ve both beaten the recession.

In this current economic scenario, the one sure shot investment was gold. And diamonds. And platinum. Basically everything that is taken out of the ground and is, thus, in a limited quantity.

While financial geniuses all over the world (and especially on Wall Street) were falling head first into recession, their fancy financial instruments, derivatives, et all failing left right and center, rappers, whose primary investment is pimpin bling saw their net worth rise with each fall in the stock market.

Gold prices shot up manifold as soon as the housing bubble burst and the stocks came tumbling down. In a recession that has humbled financial geniuses like Vikram Pandit (CEO, Citibank), made GM bankrupt, befallen Lehmann Brothers and Bear Stearns, rappers like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and anybody who aspires to blingdom saw his stock rise up significantly. This happens if your primary investment instrument is a large gold studded diamond watch that hangs around your neck and gold viking helmet.

That's What I'm Talking About

That's What I'm Talking About

So moral of the story?

Do this:

Grillz Nelly

Avoid This:

Bear Stearns Mad Money


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