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In the past, I haven’t shied of letting everyone know of my love for Sonic Producer, the hip hop beat production software.

Its very rare that you can use the words ‘best’ and ‘cheapest’ in the same breath for a product. Sonic Producer is one of those rare instances. If you are serious about music production, then Sonic Producer IS the go to software.

What other products can you use? Fruity Loops? That’s been done to death, and its beats sound more and more like Kanye West’s new albums – completely robotic with very little soul in it.

Pro Tools? Too complicated and too expensive. Unless you just robbed a bank and are feeling particularly generous and wealthy, Pro Tools is just not the right tool for beat production.

What an MC needs is something simple, yet powerful enough to let him churn out solid beats on the fly. Having been a long time user of Sonic Producer, I can honestly say that this is the only beat production software you will ever need.

I will be covering a lot of material on music production starting from this post. Keep reading!

Btw, you can visit Sonic Producer’s website right here:

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