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Iran Flag

[ad]There’s an interesting article in the Time magazine today about music – rock, and hip hop in particular in Iran.

From what I know about Islam, the hardcore Islamists consider music to be against their religion. It is surprising to read then about the fledgling underground music scene in Tehran. These are people who are really, truly in love with music – they have faced persecution and prosecution, and have had to live the lives of refugees for their one particular love.

Its surprising to find that liberties which most of us take for granted are sometimes so difficult to attain for others. In so many countries, just voicing your opinion or expressing yourself can land you in prison.

Articles like these make me proud and thankful of the fact that I live in a secular, democratic nation.


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  1. i love to rap nd i chill in my room sometimes when i have nuttin to do bump the music and spit my own freestyle to the beat and murder it i just want to bring the old school rap from califas to come bak so we can all get into it and create new music

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