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Battling with years of constant negativity, N.K. will release his newest CD, Oct. 31, Branded By The Struggle, which is filled with tracks of the indie rapper trying to overcome his negative experiences.

“I was always in the streets tryin’ to get money for [my family],” N.K. explained. “Now I hang with stars, but I’m still strugglin’, you know?”

“No amount of money can change what I have been through as a boy to a young man, and even now that I am a grown man, things I had to do in the past to survive are still around. So that’s the album name, Branded By The Stuggle.”

N.K. has been working on the album for 5 years and received some help producing during the making of the CD.

“I produced 75% of [Struggle], but I also got production [help] from Justice “Big Jus” Johnson (DMX, Mya), N.K. said. “I also got co-production with Rush Money Productions out of San Diego and Ren from No Gimmicks.”

The indie rapper finally had the privilege to work with C-Bo on his latest release, which was one of N.K.’s lifetime goals.

“C-Bo was on 2Pac’s, “All Eyes on Me,” album and is just a real dude,” N.K. remarked. “He’s now part of G-Unit South/Cashville Records, so it was crazy that we did a record together, and now are good friends.”

N.K. was also able to feature various well-known artists on Struggle.

“P. Diddy’s former artist Loon is on there introducing a banger and So-Low who is very nice with his English and Spanish,” said N.K. “I also worked with Joe Hustle, Tru, Trell G, and Dopa who are my family on the West Coast.”

The songwriting process was aimed at trying to have the natural delivery, so listeners “feel” the music that the rapper was creating.

“You gotta make them feel your pain in your records,” the rapper described. “I want to bring back real feelings in music.”

The Midwest rapper is still debating his first single off of Struggle, but has narrowed it down to Go Hard and Like Me.

You can catch the Latin performer playing shows in the near future in support of his latest release.

“We plan on hittin’ the Midwest hard!,” N.K. elaborated. “I just feel like this region needs it.”

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