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Home » Rap News, Rappers Gone Wrong » Jay-Z Insulted by T-Pain in Vegas Club

Its a battle of the hyphenated rappers, folks.

Apparently, the rapper T (hyphen) Pain launched into an attack on Jay (hyphen) Z at a night club in Vegas during a deejay set.

As per tweets made by rapper Fabolous, the forever auto-tuned rapper, T-Pain was at the club Rehab in Vegas when he said, “fuck Jay-Z” and had a few more choice words for the Hard Knock Life rapper, which included the indication that Jay-Z was “old”.


Who in here wants to believe that this is just a result of the D.O.A – Death of Auto Tune – by Jay-Z? T-Pain has been known to make a throw in *cough* a *cough* few auto-tuned tracks in his albums. If refusing to use a shitty piece of software for fine tuning your voice makes you old, then I’m glad the is old and not resorting to such shit musical tactics.

Oh, and the kicker? The deejay at the club immediately launched into a number of Jay-Z hits as soon as T-Pain got finished with his rants, including, but not limited to D.O.A., Run This Town, etc. etc.

Bummer, eh?

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