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So Kanye West was a real ass to Taylor Swift the other day at the VMAs, bitching about her when it was supposed to be HER moment. Needless to say, that shit hasn’t gone down too well with most other rappers and singers, all of whom have come out in open support of Swift.


See this TMZ post

Kanye himself apparently has been feeling pretty shitty about the whole ordeal and has been apologizing furiously. First, there was an ALL-CAPS apology on his blog which was later removed and replaced with a more coherent apology. Then Kanye also apologized to Swift on the Jay-Leno show.

Clearly, Kanye knows that he bit off more than he can chew here and has been trying to salvage whatever he can from this PR disaster. I personally doubt how much of the apologies Kanye has been peddling around are real and how many are just at the behest of his PR team.

I think this guy ought to retire from music for a little while if only to get some perspective. You’re talented, Mr. West, but you ain’t no Beethoven. Heck, you ain’t even no John Lennon or Paul McCartney. Or Tupac or even Eminem. There are a lot other, more talented people in music than you right now. Just ask the guys over at Black Eyed Peas whose every album sells more copies than all yours combined.

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