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Kanye West has had an eventful few months but he’s back in the studio making rhymes for an upcoming new album.

After the shocking incident at the MTV VMAs when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, he has canceled the tour with Lady Gaga, rumored to have gone on a refuge in India and has returned with a bold blog post which has given the press even more fuel to feed on.

Oh yes, and somewhere in between all that, his long awaited clothing line Pastelle, which he was promoting at the 2008  AMA Awards, has closed down before it was even launched.

With all this commotion, it’s good to hear that Kanye has gone back to what he’s best at – making music. Music that helped to propel him to being the 3rd Richest Rapper of 2009.

So far, there’s progress on the new album with Australian Connie “Miss Connie” Mitchell from the Sydney band Sneaky Sound System recording vocals for it in Hawaii.

Here’s a funny video about President Obama referring to Kanye West as a “jack-ass” over the VMA scandal.

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