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A couple of weeks back, I finally got onto and got myself a premium membership.

Now their software sits on my desktop, and whenever I launch my iTunes, it pops open. I can just type the name of an artist – say, Mos Def – and it’ll play songs either by the artist, or by artists that sound like him. Software/Client Software/Client

Over time, learns of my music tastes and plays music that I like. So if I play a lot of Eminem in my iTunes, very little of Asher Roth, then it’ll detect that I like the Eminem sound more and play me more music like that.

The monthly membership costs $3 – a pittance, honestly.

The best part? I’ve discovered more new music in the past one month than I did in the past two years. Bands and artists I’d never heard of are now my iTunes staples. I’m discovering entirely new genres of music – Lounge and House music, for instance – as well as new artists. There is a definite heavy emphasis on independent and new artists in the suggestions by, which is a great thing for people like me.

If you are a serious music lover – and I bet you are since you read – then definitely get a subscription. You won’t regret it.


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