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Home » Rap News » MTV's "Hottest in the Game" Poll Leaves Favorites Jay-Z, Kanye Out
 Not At the Top of His Game...

Not At the Top of His Game...

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The annual MTV’s “Hottest in the Game” poll for the hottest MC on the hip hop scene has thrown up some usual results: Jay-Z, Kanye, Weezy, etc.

This year, however, the above mentioned rappers have received less than 5% of the votes.

The list of nominees this year, therefore, looks somewhat odd – more than 30 MCs make up the list, with the likes of Young Jeezy, Redman, Rick Ross, 50 Cent making up the 30.

The real surprise, however, is at the top of the pack: 50 cent and Joe Budden – a rapper I haven’t heard a lot of – making up the top two. Sure, 50 cent is always going to be at the very top of any list for best MCs of this decade, but Joe Budden (is that a pun on Joe Biden? I’m not sure.. :) )

Joe Budden

As The Source puts it, if the winners turn out to be anything like the nominees and the current leaders of the pack, some feelings will be hurt.

Joe Budden, seriously?


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