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I have a huge hunger for good music.

I go out of my way to find the latest band or artist to experiment with aural symphonies, lyrical structures, and chord arrangements. I’m not just a hip hop fan; I listen to indie rock, blues, classic rock, metal, and even Indian classical music as much.

So obviously, I need to be able to find some great music at all times. A few resources I use regularly are:

1. is an online radio. If you enter the name of a band/artist or genre, it will play songs that are similar in structure or tonal arrangement.

For instance, I plugged in “Death Cab for Cutie” (a great Indie band) in their search field. then proceeded to play music from bands as diverse as Imogen Heap (‘Hide and Seek’), to Fun Loving Criminals.

Often, you will come across well known bands. But sometimes, will play some great piece of music by some completely unknown artist that will just blow your mind away.

The service is free to try, but I recommend getting their premium membership which costs $3/month. You can download a player that will sit on your desktop and play music. It will also gather information from your plays in iTunes to figure out the kind of songs you like.

2. iTunes With Genius Bar

I was less than impresssed with the ‘Genius’ feature in the latest iTunes. I considered it a breach of my privacy; no computer AI should know the kind of music I was listening to.

But as I started using it more and more, I realized that the Genius bar would often pull out some amazing music from the database. I’ve discovered more than my share of good music through this feature, so if you haev iTunes (you really should), be sure to enable the Genius feature.

3. Billboard

This is nothing new to most music lovers. The Billboard tracks the sale of music across the United States. Most of the stuff here is mainstream crap, but it sure helps to know what kind of music is actually topping the charts these days.

4. calls itself the best source for music and video playlists, and this is one claim I cannot argue with. FIQL is simply a platform for people to share their favorite playlists. You can find all sorts of playlists, from the ultimate party mix, to a great workout track, to some really depressive stuff. The playlists are created by users so there can be some inconsistency in quality, but overall, a great place to find new songs and playlists.

5. MySpace Music

I hate to say it, but MySpace Music is actually has the best amateur and indie music scene on the internet. MySpace, the social networking site may have long been dead and dominated by bots and attention starved teenagers, but MySpace Music is still the go to place for bands and amateur artists.

6. Spotify

Spotify has long been touted as the ‘music label killer’. Right now, the site is active only in certain European countries, but its only a matter of time before the service arrives in the US too.

Spotify allows you to stream virtually any song ever made, directly from the site itself. No downloads, no 30 second sound demos, just full songs, streamed anytime, anywhere. The possibilities with this are endless. Imagine having this on your iPhone – just search for that 80’s rap song kicking about in your head since the morning, and presto – it’ll start streaming.

If you guys have any more resources to share, or any sites you think would make a worthy addition to this list, just let me know in the comments section.

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