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Home » Rap News » Oh the Irony! 50 Cent Says that "Money is Killing Creativity" in Hip Hop

Get Rich or Die Tryin' - 50 Cent

When you’re named 50 cent, and your first album is named “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”, then you definitely are in love with money.

So when 50 cent says that “money is killing creativity in hip hop”, the best I can do is supress a smirk – or even a giggle.

This is the new trend in hip hop: big name stars all go around blaming various factors (bling, money, singing, auto-tune, kanye west, etc.) for killing hip hop. And its ironic that these big name stars were the very people who popularized those factors.

Fiddy hasn’t made his love for the bling laden hip hop lifestyle a secret; he topped the Forbes 50 riches rappers list last year with an estimated $150 million earnings in 2008. He’s sold everything from shoes to videogames and hasn’t shied from trying his hand at acting despite having the acting talents of a brain dead mongoose. So it sounds rich from him when he talks about the “death of creativity” in hip hop.

Fiddy, go make some music and keep your mouth shut unless it wants to rap.

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