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If you want to set yourself apart from the crowded field of rappers, hip hop artists and other aspiring performers you have to make good music. It has to have a solid structure. It has to seize the subconscious of its listeners and remain there after they are done listening. In order to accomplish this, you need killer rap beats.

In an industry where the beat rules, you can not afford to grab just any old hip hop instrumentals, rap beats or r & b instrumentals. You need pro beats. There are online services that can provide you with that major label sound. Make sure what they offer is a expert sound. You need professional beats.

Realize from the beginning you need to have a firm grasp of what beats are and which hip hop beats you need. It has to transport you and your audience. If it fails to do this, it will be of no benefit.

Initially, you will probably need to experiment. This means downloading a variety of hot new and old beats. Select from a variety of different types, musically and stylistically. Simple, sometimes is more effective, particularly in rap or hip hop. The question is what approach or style do you require.

Are you into west or east coast styles of Rap? Is your approach to be R & B-based or jazz in flavor? The genres do blend and there are multiple subgenres, but it is important you select according to your own recognizable personality. Be sure before you start messing with the beats, you know your personal musical style. Your beats need to reflect this aspect. In this way, you can keep it real.

Yet, there are other dynamics to consider. You have to marry the beat to several other factors. These include the nature of the lyrics or words you plan to use, the requirements of the audience and the marketability or not, of the overall composition. If you cant find the beat to fill these needs, you wont be able to lay down the music on tape or live. It is all about everyone identifying with and claiming the beat.

Once you have resolved the factors and arrived at a decision, begin the process of putting together a complete musical package. Do not download and use just any hot beat. Select them according to your own, newly established criteria. The result will help you blow your audiences away.

The final piece of the puzzle is practice. You need to perfect your music, hone your skills. Take the beat and work it. Rearrange it when necessary and transpose it from section to section to make it work. Structure and restructure it. Test it canned and test it live. Be prepared, even when it works, to go back over it again. Working that much harder will help give you an edge over the competition. By continuously working on improving your sound, your persona and your craft, you will stand apart from others with the same goals a place in the music world.

There is no better way to develop as a artist than by purchasing hot sounding rap beats and hip hop beats instrumentals – after all the major artist all buy beats for a reason as well and understand the importance of great hip hop beats and rap beats.

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