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Soluja BoyyyyyOkay, so this might be old news, but a few of my readers might be know about it.

Soulja Boy, the precocious, multi-talented, prodigious (yeah, that’s supposed to be read with a sarcastic voice) rapper has released an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch called “Romplr”.

The app allows fans (i.e., stupid teenagers) to make remixes of Soulja Boy’s tracks. I can very well imagine an audience of a total of 3 people on the planet who would want to spend the half an hour or so to make a Soulja Boy track. Can you imagine the social ridicule? One, you listen to Soulja Boy. Two, you actually go ahead and make a remix of his songs? Boy..some iPhone users have a lot of time on their hands, don’t they.

Nonetheless, here’s the link for the app in the Apple iTunes store. Please don’t buy it.


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