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Home » Rappers » Spike's Top 10 Ugliest Rappers: Flavor Flav is NOT No.1!

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Lil John is a fuckin Dork

Yup, he made it...

Here’s Spike’s Top 10 Ugliest Rappers list.

Jay-Z at no. 10 is somewhat baffling. He ain’t no Brad Pitt, but the guy certainly doesn’t deserve to be no. 10 on a list no body would ever want to be on. With his tailored suits and all, he actually looks half way decent – I can imagine him getting a 6 at Hot or Not

The real surprise, though, has to be Flavor Flav missing the top spot. How can this man not be worthy of the ugliest rapper crown? The idiot wears one all the time anyway:

Behold the Beauty

Behold the Beauty

On the list: where’s Biggie? Chamillionaire?


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