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Hip hop culture has spread across the world and in terms of its cultural impact, rivaling rock n roll. Some commentator rightly said that hip hop has become the world’s “local” culture. Just listen to the songs by artists from across the globe to see how they incorporate local issues and cultural values into their music.

Hip Hop AccesoriesOf course, hip hop is not merely a music genre. Its an entire lifestyle with its own lingo, clothing, and well, accessories!

Even as the sales of rap music (all music, for that matter) continue falling every month, the business of hip hop accessories doesn’t see any sign of slowing down at all. The sales of clothing, postures, jewellery, and shoes related to the rap culture, has in fact, become the chief livelihood of many retailers.

Some of the biggest regions of growth in terms of sales of hip hop accessories are not in the US, but in emerging markets like Russia, Latin America, Africa, East Asia, and even the Middle East. China, in fact, is one of the biggest markets for hip hop accessories and clothing today, just a tad behind the United States.

And of course, like the rest of the retail world, some of the biggest growth in this market has been seen online. While the online market still dwarfs physical retail, its growth rate has been envious. Despite the recession, the demand for hip hop accessories hasn’t slowed down at all.

The advantage of selling these accessories online is that you can recruit an army of affiliates. These are resellers who sell the stock of a company for a commission, typically ranging from 10-70% of the price. It means lower profit margins for the actual retailer, but the volume more than makes up for it if you can raise a large enough number of affiliates.

The business of hip hop accessories will only explode and continue to grow at a dramatic pace as the rap culture is embraced by more and more people across the globe, and as online retail spreads outside the developed world. This is clearly one lucrative business to be in. Sites like UrbanHipHopClothing, regularly do business of several million an year, earning some hefty profits in return.

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