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If you’re looking for a learn-to-rap guide, you might want to consider The Official How To Rap Manual which claims to be The #1 Rap Study Guide On The Planet.

From the details on their site, the book seems to be packed full of useful advice for new rappers and seasoned MCs. Here’s a sample of what’s in The Official How To Rap Manual:

  • Hundreds upon Hundreds of Rhyme Schemes, Styles and Flows.
  • Rap Tips and Techniques.
  • Poetry and Grammer lessons that help rhyming ability.
  • Learn how Tone & Pitch effects your lyrics.
  • Do You know how Grammer impacts your raps?
  • How to find and come up with metaphors.
  • Learn what power positions are within your verse.
  • What lines of any lyric section are natrually strong?
  • Are you writing your lyrics in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person narrative?
  • What consonants give you a quick sharp sound when added to your lines?
  • Learn about word connections and letter sounds that will enhance your flow.

Title: The Official How To Rap Manual

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The #1 Rap Study Guide On The Planet

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