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Today is the 8th death Anniversary of Aaliyah, one of the most precocious talents to have emerged in the R&B world in the past two decades.

Aaliyah, who lost her life 8 years ago in an airplane crash would’ve been 30 today. Returning from a video shoot in the Bahamas, her plane crashed, allegedly due to a fatal overload from all the shooting equipment. I say allegedly because there is still some indication that the plane might have crashed because of the pilot’s negligence, who reportedly consumed cocaine and alcohol before flying.


Aaliyah, whose full name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton, could never realize her full potential as an artist, although she promised a lot and was one of the faces of R&B at the very young age of 22. The beautiful Aaliayh is remembered every year by fans and fellow artists alike as one of the finest vocal talents in R&B, and whose pictures, posters and wallpapers remain popular even to this day.

R.I.P Aaliyah.

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