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Home » Rap News » Usher's New Album is Very Edgy, Apparently

Pharell, who is producing Ushers’ new album Monster has reportedly said that the new album will be “very mean”, and “the review of the mind of a monster”.

Usher will totally tickle your ass...

Usher will totally tickle your ass...

Sure, Pharell. Usher is about as scary as a kitten armed with a toothbrush, as monstrous as your grandma.

Pharell has gone on to say that the new album will be:

“Its really great, its super edgy. He’s taken alot of time to really sit and study and we really built something that is like…it’s just…it’s mean” (source)

So does that mean Usher will start showing up in flannels and dishelved hair, a la Kurt Cobain or Pearl Jam to scare away my girlfriend (ladies, it seems, are major Usher fans)? Because “edgy” is the last word I would use for Usher…


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